How To Wash Your Silk Scrunchie

How to Wash Your Silk Scrunchie

We love our silk scrunchies not least because they're great value when they last so long.  To extend the use of your silk scrunchie we thought it would be helpful to share our experience of the best way keep them fresh and clean for longer.  Enjoy!

We recommend hand washing however if you prefer to machine wash please find both options below.

Machine Washing Silk Scrunchies:

  • To avoid your scrunchies getting torn we recommend placing them in an open mag with holes.
  • Use the most economic cold washing cycle, preferably less than 20°C and use a soft detergent.
  • Once the wash cycle is complete it's a good idea to take them out quickly and hang dry.
  • We do not recommend tumble drying.

Hand Washing Silk Scrunchies:

Hand washing is by far the better option to extend the useful life of your silk hair ties.

  • We recommend using cold to slightly warm water.
  • Gently rinse the silk scrunchie initially then apply a penny size drop of very mild detergent to your hand.
  • Apply the detergent carefully then place the scrunchies in a bowl of cold water for 5-10 minutes.
  • When ready rinse them off and hang dry for best effect (please do not tumble dry.

Other thoughts to bear in mind:

  • We found it best to avoid drying in direct sunlight.
  • While drying avoid using a clothes peg
  • We recommend washing your silk scrunchie once every 6-8 weeks

And that's it.

Hope this is useful for you!

All the best

Owner, Mybolife

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